Many of us will know somebody who has suffered from a serious or critical illness or even died, all of which can have devastating personal and financial effects on those around them.

Whilst our lives may be going well, none of us know what is around the next corner, but it is exactly at this time that plans should be made; if something was to go wrong in the future, you want to know that you and your loved ones are protected, and that your finances will not become a problem.

After working so hard to build up what you have, such as your dream home, it is important that it is not all lost due to circumstances beyond your control.

Critical Illness Cover is similar to Life Assurance but it pays out on diagnoses of certain illnesses as opposed to only paying out on death.

For a relatively small amount, you could help yourself and your family cope for a while without income to pay household bills and debts. This would mean one less thing to worry about at this very stressful time.

Critical Illness Cover will pay out a lump sum which could also cover other expenditures like:

• Private treatment
• Prescribed drugs not available through the NHS
• Changes to your home
• Paying off all or part of your mortgage

Dont leave your familys future to chance, let JB Mortgages make sure you are protected both now and in the future. As with all insurance policies, conditions and exclusions will apply.


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